Business Acceleration

Get a fresh perspective and innovative strategies to achieve and exceed your business goals through digital strategies and ecommerce growth.

  • Kickoff: We start with an initial discovery session to understand your business, challenges you face, and what success looks like in your eyes.
  • Phase 1 – Deep Dive Analysis:  We perform thorough analysis looking at over 500 metrics and data points from your business, website, customers, products, social media, content and more. We use a blend of proprietary processes and tools and our experience in business and the digital landscape to determine key areas of opportunities for growth, revenue, profit, and efficiency in your business.
  • Phase 2 – Strategy & Execution Plan: We leverage what we learned through the previous phases and map out a real strategy and an execution plan for your business, along with the tracking metrics and mechanisms to ensure you can track progress.
  • Phase 3 – Execution: Now it is time to get things done using the strategy and plan. We leverage agile methods that focus on making quick wins and consistent progress in 4-6 week cycles. All while we track and report on progress with metrics and consistent updates.
  • At the end of the defined project or when your goals are met we take time to celebrate the successes you have achieved and determine if any more work is needed.

Here are some of the areas of focus that are popular and have proven to be successful:

  • Digital Strategy & Execution Plan
  • Ecommerce Strategy & Execution Plan
  • Social Media Strategy & Execution Plan
  • Content Strategy & Execution Plan
  • Business Strategy & Planning
  • Optimization & Execution Plan

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Digital | Ecommerce | Social Media | Content
 – The big bad internet is a beast that any business should have on their side…..By now it is well known that over 80% of all purchases start with a web search!  But how do you navigate the digital landscape…..websites, eCommerce, blogs, content, Facebook, twitter, Instagram, yelp, SEO, ads, email marketing, mobile, tablets,…the list goes on. How do you get traffic to your site? how do you show up on Google Search, Google Local, Google Product Ads, Google Images? How does your local business get known and get people in the door? It is not magic….it starts with having a great plan and putting in consistent hard work!

Business Strategy & Planning – Sometimes you just need to take a step back and see the big picture in your business. Strategy is a key cornerstone to any business that enables execution at every level. If your strategy, vision, mission or any component is not in alignment, things get tough in a hurry. I can help draw out and document the big picture, make sure you are thinking about the right things and the right areas, and look at how the organization is aligned to meet your goals…..sometimes an outsider is the best person to take a look at the inside!

Optimization & Execution – Need to get things done, not getting the traction or execution you need to make your business or life successful. Execution is everything once you have your strategy and a solid plan. Are you leveraging your current team to its fullest, are they aligned, are you taking advantage of the latest tools and technologies to make work more efficient? Are you leveraging outsourced labor, virtual assistants, or paying a guy in Manilla $2 an hour to scrape leads or competitor information off the internet to inform your sales team? Better yet, do you have a crew of people working all night while you sleep to deliver the information you need the next day? Are you optimized and executing like you want to be?

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